This column will be dedicated to making the world a better place.... One entry at a time.


JUNE 23rd: We are continuing to Pray for everyone's safety during the Corona Pandemic. Our hearts are with all of you who have lost a loved one and with those who are going through financial hardships. Better days are still ahead of us and we must continue to fight the good fight.

JULY 1st: People will always take advantage of your kindness but I urge you to not grow weary while doing good. 


MARCH 15th: My advice to all of you is to ALWAYS be the hardest worker in any room you may enter in life. Your effort will not go unnoticed.

FEBRUARY 1st: I encourage all of you with a special talent to help someone in need. I bet there is a child down the street who's parent is away serving our country and needs a tune-up on his/her bicycle. There is also a senior citizen that could use some help around the house making repairs. Help me make our world a better place one good deed at a...

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