June 17th, 2020: It was time to make a few upgrades and help keep our Rossler built Turbo 400 a lot cooler. I installed a new DeRale 16 row cooler with a 650cfm fan, and a new aluminum deep slotted trans pan. A ton of fabrication had to happen to make this work. The new cooler was significantly larger than the old one and to top it off, there was no room for it. With the help of some creative brackets and home engineering I was able to fit it. The new trans pan had to be heavily modified to accommodate the overflow tank and temp sensor. I finished the job off with a custom little air scoop that covers and hides the cooler. It was extremely stressful cutting, grinding, and welding on a completely finished car.  Thank God I was super careful and had no "oops" happen.

June 15th, 2020: We contacted the super friendly people over at RPM Performance Data Loggers and ordered a new transmission temperature sensor and cable kit to add to our data logger. Randy sent over a set of e...

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