Car - 1992 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Nickname - Little Truck

Paint - Custom Rumble Bee Orange and Satin Black

Engine - 327 C.I. Small Block

Transmission - TH 350

Rear - GM 8.5 with Auburn carr...

This past month I’ve been traveling quite a bit to work on cars outside of my home shop. It’s no secret that I’m an obsessive-compulsive, anal detail freak, who has an out-of-control...

How did you get started in drag racing and how long have you been racing?

I got started in drag racing half way through my junior year of high school where I did the high school challe...

On of the most common

transmission failures is caused

from improper converter spacing.

More and more cars are

equipped with mid plates. If you

add a mid plate, the converter

pilot and conve...

Innovative Products Of America

Innovative Products of America Diamond Grip terminal cleaners reduce your diagnostic guesswork. These patent-pending IPA 3-piece terminal cleaners featur...

We are so fortunate to have built a relationship with the fine people at Performance Plus Connection. Their customer service is amazing and their product line is second to none. We us...

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