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FEATURED CAR: Blazing A Family Legacy

Car - 1992 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Nickname - Little Truck

Paint - Custom Rumble Bee Orange and Satin Black

Engine - 327 C.I. Small Block

Transmission - TH 350

Rear - GM 8.5 with Auburn carrier 3.73 gears

Tires - Mickey Thompson Drag Radials

Best Pass To Date - 12.11 @113mph in the 1/4 and 8.80 @74mph in the 1/8

Years Owned - 4 years

Every car has a story and a life of its own. While this 92 Blazer’s past life is a bit of a mystery, its current life is full of fun and family legacy. The proud owner of this Chevrolet S-10 is 14-year-old Saige E. of Saylorsburg, PA is, it just so happens that she comes from a family of drag racers. Both her mom and dad race extremely fast bracket cars in the Pro Class. Having been raised at the dragstrip, it was just a matter of time before this young lady got behind the wheel herself. Fortunately for Saige, NHRA started a class called Junior Street, which allowed her to race a real car at 13-years old, as long as one of her parents were in the passenger seat. Saige cut her teeth and learned how to drag race in her Mom’s 2006 Subaru Legacy and even earned her NHRA license in it. It wasn't long after that she went on to become the track champion at Island Dragway.

Saige’s dad, Scott, knew he was raising a family of drag racers and could not risk blowing up the family Subaru, so they picked up the Blazer from a friend who used it as his street car. Scott went right to work making the Blazer as fast and safe as he could for his three children to enjoy (and Uncle Brad).

The heartbeat of this Chevy is a 327 C.I. small block fitted with Vortex heads and an Edelbrock RPM intake. GM rods and TRW pistons fill the holes in that classic block. Scott put in a bigger cam and rounded off the compression to 9:1 so she could still run on pump gas. Speaking of gas, an Edelbrock fuel pump sends the gas from the stock fuel tank to a Holley 750 double pumper. I asked Saige if she had any power adders and she said, "no, Daddy's love is enough for me." A TCI 3800 stall converter joins the potent small block to the Turbo 350 transmission. A GM 8.5 rear houses an Auburn carrier with 3.73 gears and stock axles. A Powerstop drilled and crossed set of brakes was installed to make sure the family came to a safe stop after each pass. Keeping the Blazer cool during those hot and humid days at the dragstrip is a CSR water pump, a Be-Cool radiator and twin Flexalite fans. Scott added a removable radiator support for easy access during maintenance.

The interior is basically stock with the exception of a roll bar, safety harness, Autometer gauges, and a Hurst Quarterstick. The Blazer has a Belltech 5-inch lowering kit and rides on Weld Wheels and Mickey Thompson drag radials. Completing the overall look of this mean "Little Truck" as she was appropriately nicknamed, is the beautiful Rumble Bee Orange and Satin Black custom paint. All of the door jams, fender wells, and trunk lid are color matched to add a bit of class to this family race truck.

Besides earning the title of track champ, Saige went on to win runner up at the Division One Junior Street Championship. The "Little Truck" took Saige to a 8.80 in the 1/8 mile. That’s a pretty big leap from the 11.30s she used to do in her Mom’s Subaru. I asked Saige what her future plans are for the Blazer, and she told me she is looking forward to getting her license and driving it to school. She also has plans of teaching her little sister how to race in the Junior Street class. When I asked her dad what his future plans are for the Blazer, he said, "my wife and I agreed we won't make it go any faster, but we have to make it as safe as possible."

I see a big future for both Saige and her Blazer. Sponsors should jump on board now! This beautiful, smart, and talented young racer just may be the face of the NHRA someday. It won't be long before she sits behind the wheel of Dad’s 1969 Big Block Chevelle, and her little sister takes the healm of the "Little Truck." It looks like her mom and dad are going to be a very busy pair trying to keep everyone making passes and in the fight for points. Some families spend their weekends at the beach, some at the pool, some can't wait to get away from each other and go their separate ways. As for this family, Grandma Jeanne would be proud of what she started. This is a racing family and this 1992 "Little Truck" is a proud member of it.

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