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PARTS COUNTER: MSD-6AL-2 Ignition Control

I recently did a complete make-over of my ignition system on "Big Red," my Pro-Street Camaro. I used all MSD components and started with a billet distributer. I topped the distributer with an MSD crab style cap and rotor. An MSD HVC Blaster coil sends the power through the MSD 8.5 mm helically wound Super Conductor wires. Controlling all of this is our featured part of the month. An MSD 6AL-2 Ignition Controller. It was a very easy install and came complete with everything needed to do the job right. Wiring for the crank sensor, tach output, 2-step, and power leads was very easy and well documented. I fabbed up a mounting plate and secured it to the passenger-side kick panel area for easy access to the rev limiter controls and the 2-step adjustment. Check out the 6AL-2 on the link below and see the many benefits it can offer you.


• All new housing, digital circuits and performance

• Built-in 2-Step rev control – with rotary dials

• Higher output with up to 135mJ and 535 volts

• Accepts Hall-effect, points and mag pickup triggers

• Managed by an efficient digital control

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