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FEATURED CAR: One, Too Quick Chevelle 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle

Car - 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle

Nickname - Sally

Paint - Custom tinted GM Quasar Blue

Engine - 565 C.I.

Transmission - TH 400

Rear - Moser 9 inch with 3.89 gears and 35 spline axles

Tires - Hoosiers Front 28x4 Rear 30x10 radial

Weight - 3560lbs

Best Pass To Date - 9.01 @148.90 mph

Years Owned - 25 years

In my opinion there is not a more deserving car or car owner to be our Featured Car in our debut issue of The 908. Scott Embley and his 1969 Chevelle epitomize what the car enthusiast and community stand for. Scott is a regular guy who lives in Saylorsburg, PA with his wife of 24 years and two daughters. He's the parts manager at a local automotive shop and is more than happy to talk cars with anyone who is interested. 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Scott Embley

I have known Scott for more than 10 years as this friendly, part manager. As the years progressed, I found out that he was a drag racer and like a proud parent he immediately showed me pictures of his Chevelle or as his girls call it "Sally". His car was beautiful to say the least and being the OCD guy that I am, I developed a new respect for him, because his car is that nice. Whenever I would walk into his store, I waited for him to be free hoping that we would return to our conversation and passion for drag racing. He never let me down. I knew more about his car than most and may I remind you that I never saw it in person. On one of my visits to pick up some parts at his shop, my daughter who was 8 at the time joined the conversation and told Scott that Street Outlaws was one of her favorite shows. She went on to name everyone on their top 10 list in order and shared her opinion on the turbo and nitrous dispute. She prefers a turbo car because "Big Chief" uses one and he is her favorite. Scott was impressed with my little motorhead and invited us to join him at the racetrack and spend the day with his family. He told her that racing on the street was not a safe thing to do and that the track offered a lot more safety for the racers. He had no idea at the time, but his gracious gesture warmed my heart and I knew at that time that we were going to become better friends.

We arrived at the racetrack at the exact time Scott instructed us to. He was happy to see us, and immediately told my daughter to jump in his Chevelle and go to tech inspection with him. Wow! I was so blown away and a bit jealous, but my daughter always comes first. I will never forget the look in her eyes and the smile on her face when they returned. Watching racing on the TV is one thing, going to the track is another, but going for a ride in a 9 second big block is beyond words. From that moment on, she was hooked and I was grateful. 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Engine

I was once again reminded that the kind of people who enjoy this hobby are indeed apple pie, baseball, and all about the family. I tried to be a blessing to Scott that day and looked for things to do. I hooked the car up to the battery charger after each pass, put fuel in his tank, and took videos of every burnout and launch. My daughter had a great day playing with his daughter who is around the same age. All of the people that he surrounded himself with that day were very nice to both of us. Scott had the presence of being the Mayor of the racetrack as he knew everyone and made his rounds like a newly wed couple thanking everyone for coming to their wedding.

Let's fast forward a bit because this story is supposed to be about the car and its owner, but I believe more detail needs to be shared to show what a great and rare guy Scott actually is. Being the lifelong gearhead and tech junky that I am, I have the tendency to be used by a lot by people. I am the guy who can fix anything and if you can't buy it, I can make it. I have offered to help Scott on many occasions when he was thrashing to get his car ready for the weekend, but he has yet to see the genius that lives inside of me. For me this is a really unique experience because everyone else that I know would welcome me to help them with their car. I often use the quote "your candle loses nothing when it lights another." I do my best to embody that principle and consider myself a giver. In a world where people are all about themselves and have lost the basic concepts of friendship and courtesy, Scott certainly does his share of lighting candles for people. In fact, he is responsible for taking me out of retirement, and getting me back into drag racing.

Scott was introduced to drag racing by his mother Jeanne, who was a single mom that raised two kids by herself. His Mom bracket raced and took Scott to the track when he was 13 years old. His Mom has since passed, but is immortalized on the back center of his car with a decal that says "In loving memory of Mom." Racing truly is a family sport in the Embley house. Scott's wife Sharon races a 12 second chevy blazer in one class and his son Jordan races it in another. Their oldest daughter, Saige, will be the next in line to join the family team and is looking forward to getting behind the wheel next season. Scott's youngest daughter, Jaina, leads the cheer team during passes and welcomes her Dad back to the trailer with a hug that only a daughter can give. She jumps in and keeps the car clean between rounds. I have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with Scott's entire family and am honored to call them our friends.

Scott's Chevelle is stunning to look it. The 69 Chevelle is a thing of beauty in any form, but the big cowl, drag tires, wheelie bars, and stance that "Sally" has demands respect. If there is such a thing as a "classy race car", then Scott's Chevelle is found as a picture of it. 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle

"Sally" will take the #1 spot on the 908 Top 10 List this year and we will leave it up to our readers next year to decide the order of our list. We thank Scott and everyone like him who shares his passion for cars and preserves the history of the muscle era everytime they get an opportunity to show off their rides. If you ever get the opportunity to check out Scott's Chevelle in person, be sure to take a good look at the front of the car. If you are a racer, it's the only time you will ever see it!

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