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PARTS COUNTER: Painless Performance Switch Panel #50406

I have installed half a dozen of these since I put a 6-channel one in my race car. Everyone that gets a look at my interior wants me to do the same to their car. Painless Performance switch panels clean up your dashboard wiring by putting all of your switches in one convenient, organized place. The panels come with 4, 6, or 8-toggle or rocker switches. They're available in fused and un-fused models, and come ready to install on a roll cage or for in-dash mount. Every circuit is color coded and each wire is stamped according to its function. Painless Performance also makes relay kits for water pumps, fuel pumps, and radiator fans. These kits come complete with circuit breaker, relay, wiring harness, and all necessary connectors. The combination of the switch panel and relay kit gives you everything needed for a clean and professional installation.

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