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TOOL BOX: SNAP – ON Cooling System Tester

Snap-On does it once again! This is a very handy and affordable tool that will enable you to pressurize your cooling system and check for leaks all without dealing with boiling hot coolant. New pump will achieve higher pressures needed for new vehicles

- Design reduces physical effort by nearly one-half

- Includes the four most commonly required adaptors

- Easy identification: adaptors look like the caps from the systems they test

- Safe pressure relief system protects technician from exposure to coolant

- Hand operated/low effort/high pressure pump

- In the event of a release, safety pressure relief deflects coolant away from technician

- Includes adapter for new Ford® vehicle filler necks

- Easy to identify adapters, which are shaped like the vehicle s system caps

- Pump can produce up to 30 psi to pressure test cooling system of cars and light trucks and even heavy duty trucks with included adaptors

- Set can test 90%+ of the vehicles in the field

- Set can pressure test most US or Asian made vehicles

- Add additional adaptors required to test European made vehicles

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