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TECH CORNER: CryO2: The Cool Way To Get More Power

Performance enthusiasts know that when it comes to engine air and fuel temperatures, colder is better. With that in mind we first introduced the first CO2-based fuel and air cryogenic super coolers for drag racing applications in 2003.

The CryO2™ system uses liquid carbon dioxide (CO2), stored at 80 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit), to super cool intake air, fuel, and even a vehicle’s turbo intercooler, resulting in more power and cooler engine combustion chamber temperatures.

The technology as well as the theory behind CryO2 have been around for decades. Liquefied carbon dioxide has been used in commercial cooling applications such as soda fountains and beer taps. And both street and strip racers have long known that a cold, dense fuel/air mixture carries more oxygen and more fuel to the combustion chamber than a warm mixture. Performance enthusiasts have seen this scientific fact put into practice for over 35 years in the form of ram air, cowl induction and cool air intake tubes. A cooler air/fuel mixture also burns better, eliminating hot spots and pre-ignition problems that occur frequently in high-compression engines under load.

Dynamometer testing showed a burst from the CryO2 induction system cooler produced an immediate 30-degree drop in intake manifold air temperature. Sustained application of the CryO2 air cooler can intake air temperature from 85 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees - the bottom of the dyno’s thermometer.

The CryO2 system is a bolt-on performance enhancement, and is completely configurable to meet different needs and budgets. The basic tank and installation kit controls the system and provides cooling to each component of the system. Separate components cool the fresh air intake, fuel supply, and turbo intercooler. Once the tank and controls are installed, each part of the CryO2 system – air, fuel and intercooler – can be purchased and installed as a stand-alone, allowing drivers to use only those aspects of the CryO2 system they want. All CryO2 components are controlled by a standby/armed activation switch, and a programmable throttle position sensor, to deliver the super cooling CO2 in bursts when needed. For additional cooling, multiple units can be installed.

CryO2 was named Best New Performance-Racing Product at the 2002 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, one of the largest specialty automotive products shows in the world. The CryO2 line of components was among 10 category winners, selected by a panel of automotive industry judges from more than 900 product entries.

CryO2™ components are a favorite of import car performance enthusiasts and other forms of racing including road course and drifting. Performance vehicle owners have always liked the idea of doing-it-yourself, bolt-on horsepower. And today’s high-revving, four and six-cylinder engines in particular - many of them factory turbocharged - are ideal applications for cryogenic technology.

CryO2 technology can be fitted to stock, normally-aspirated engines; forced air induction engines; turbocharged engines, diesels and vehicles equipped with nitrous oxide (NO2).

Other accessories are available including an Intercooler Water Sprayer Kit to enhance intercooler performance, an adjustable timer switch to control the on and off flow of CO2 Purge valves and a new for 2010 the CryO2 Fuel Chiller System. This offers the ultimate method for removing heat from fuel by charging a series of tubes surrounding the flow of fuel with CO2 to super-cool the fuel.

CryO2 The power of Cool – Welcome to the future of Power!

Source: DEI - Design Engineering, Inc.

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