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TECH CORNER: Hurst Roll Control

I recently replaced an old "no-name" line lock system in my Pro-Street Camaro. The old system would not keep pressure and hold the car in water box during burnouts. I wanted to install the best system possible and Hurst was the logical choice. We actually featured the Hurst Roll Control in one of our previous issues (you can click this link to read the article).

One of the many great features of Hurst Roll Controls is the three output ports. I used one port to feed the front brakes, blocked off another port, and used the remaining output port to feed an Autometer brake pressure gauge that I mounted in the interior. I installed the brake pressure gauge so I could find the perfect pressure to hold the car in the waterbox, and go to it every time with no guess work.

The system was very easy to install. The directions are extremely thorough and have diagrams for many different install options. It comes with everything you need for wiring the solenoid including an inline fuse, universal mount switch, and connectors. I chose to use the push button switch that sits on top of my Hurst Quarter Stick instead of the universal mount switch that the kit comes with. I also wired in a master arming switch so I don't accidentally activate the system while downshifting and slowing down at the end of the track, or worse yet, driving on the street.

The Hurst Roll Control system performed flawlessly. The kit is easy to install for the D.I.Y. home mechanic. The skills / tools you will need is a tubing bender to make your new brake lines fit, brake bleeding knowledge, and the ability to wire the solenoid to a switchable power source, a fuse, and the arming switch. If you should desire, the kit even comes with a light to remind you that the system is on. For double idiot protection, a light on my master arming switch lights up when put in the on position, and the light that Hurst includes in the kit gets activated when I hold in the push button on my Quarter Stick.

If you are looking for a way to hold your front brakes to help you heat your tires up, or to help you get your manual car up a hill in stop and go traffic, the Hurst Roll Control Line Lock System is the perfect choice. For more information, visit our Parts Counter Archive or visit the Hurst web-site

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