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TECH CORNER: Converter Spacing

On of the most common

transmission failures is caused

from improper converter spacing.

More and more cars are

equipped with mid plates. If you

add a mid plate, the converter

pilot and converter mounting

pads must be extended to match

the thickness o f the mid plate.

Some converters have pllots and

mounting pads welded and

some are module and can be

changed to accept any mid plate.

On any converter Installation

you need 2 things. The correct

pilot to crankshaft depth and

correct converter to flywheel

spacing. You need 1/8" to 3/16"

air gap, before moving the

converter against the flywheel to

tighten converter bolts. I like

1/8' on 2 speeds and 3/16" on 3


(STEP 1) Use a drill bit as a

gaging block. A 1/8" drill bit is

1/8" thick. After choosing a driII

bit 1/8" to 3/16" with the

converter installed all the way

in to the transmission and the

transmission bolted to the

engine. Check your air gap with

the drill bit between the converter

pads and the flywheel.

(STEP 2) If the air gap is

greater than the 1/8" to 3/16"

you have to add shims to take

up the extra clearance.

(STEP 3) Now remove the bit.

There will be an air gap l/8" to

3\ 16" now slip the converter

forward the air gap amount.

When the converter is in place

you also need at least 1/8" of the

converter pilot into the crankshaft

pilot hole, if not you have to remove

the converter and extend the pilot.

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