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NY Street Outlaws

Published: June 8, 2018

It's hard to believe that the original Street Outlaws television show is already in its 11th season of filming. In my opinion, that show not only resurrected drag racing, but introduced it to a whole new generation of gearheads and future

gearheads. The show had so much success that it spawned other cities to form their own teams and some of them even got their own shows like New Orleans and Memphis. As with all forms of motorsports, it attracts gearheads from many

different cultures, lifestyles, and income brackets. It doesn’t care who it infects, its sole intention is to take over and consume its victims every thought. This is definitely the case with Team NY.

I would like to be the first to introduce all of you to the cars and drivers of the NY Street Outlaws led by Tommy Reeks.

Pictured Left To Right

Tommy Reeks – White Lightning

Tyler DeSantis – 24 Karat

John Cozzali – Bounty Hunter

John Zicca

Glenn Hunter – Pro Rat

JT Simone – Big Red

George Hanson – The Milkman

Chris Longo – Game Changer

Eric Clauss - Novacaine

Joe Gentiluomo

Jeff Castaldo

Lou Sedita – Big Sexy


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