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TOOL BOX: Tite – Reach Extension Wrench

You've heard it said many times that "there is a tool for every job." I never needed anyone to convince me differently as I am a tool junkie! They say that the first step is admitting it, but in this case I am not seeking help. I welcome any tool that will save me time and get the job done correctly. Over the years I've had to make my own tools and modify some of my existing ones to meet the demands I put on them.

This past weekend I needed to take a crankshaft pulley off of a car that had only inches between the pulley and the radiator. The electric fan and shroud combination that was attached to the radiator further hindered any movement from a very slim ratchet I have for jobs such as this. My only option was to drain the coolant and remove the fan and radiator. But wait one minute...I remembered that a friend of mine bought this really neat tool called a Tite-Reach Extension years ago. It was my time to try it out.

I connected two 3/8 drive Tite-Reach Extensions together with the supplied adapter. I put a socket on one end and secured it to the pulley bolt and used a 3/8 air ratchet on the other. I was able to safely remove the pulley bolts in under a minute. That odd little tool saved me over an hour of work and eliminated the mess and clean up that goes along with draining coolant.

I commend the designers at Tite-Reach for developing this amazing, must-have tool for any serious mechanic or DIY Mr. or Mrs. Fix It. I wish I had two of these in every size they make to add to my toolbox. They come in 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch drive and are available in a pro strength version that is rated for air tools, as well as a home version. Visit their web-site at for more info and to order your own.


The 3/8” professional wrench is where the concept started. The 3/8” pro is specially designed to handle the rigors of everyday use on the farm and in the shop. Designed to be used with your own sockets and socket wrenches all of our wrenches have the versatility to work from either side. With 10” inches of reach our 3/8” pro will extend your reach away from what you are working on saving you time and saving your knuckles. If you would like to get the job done quicker you can also couple our wrench with your impact driver saving you more time and making that awkward nut or bolt easy work on. This wrench is also coupled with a lifetime warranty to ensure your satisfaction.


The strength of the ¼” wrench is its slim design. This tool allows you to get into places your 3/8” wrench won’t fit. Our die cast aluminum housing allows you to match the 10 inches of reach the 3/8” gives you and fits into smaller spaces. The aero and body work industries really enjoy the ¼” wrench for that fact alone. Like the 3/8” wrench the ¼” version also has a lifetime warranty. The ¼” version is also lightweight making it easy to work with and maneuver.

3/8 DIY

The 3/8” DIY version was made to be the “every man’s tool” An affordable enough for every guy to have in their toolbox. Outfitted with the same low friction UHMW low friction bushings and chrome vanadium gears as the DIY version has some of the same high-quality parts our professional models use. The DIY is a great tool for around the house and the garage giving you an 8” extension for your “tite” places.

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