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WOMEN'S CIRCLE: Sharon Embley

How did you get started in drag racing and how long have you been racing?

I've always been interested in racing since I was little, with Pole Position being my favorite video game. I've been around drag racing since the 1990s, running my daily driven street car here and there, but I started bracket racing full time this year in the Pro Class at Island Dragway, along with my husband, Scott and my daughter, Saige, who runs in Junior Street Class.

In a predominantly male sport are you treated fairly / equally by your fellow male racers?

Yes, I feel I am treated equally. Every racer is out there for the same win a championship!

What are the top 3 things that you enjoy the most about drag racing?

1. It's always been the speed!

2. Of course the drag racing family that I have acquired over the years! It's incredible how this sport brings together such diverse people that you may not normally meet in other sports.

3. The adrenaline rush and excitement cheering on my family and friends.

Recently woman have been dominating the national drag racing circuit. What do you think is the reason for this?

I feel like women have been given more opportunities recently to not only race but prove themselves as equals in the professional circuit.

Who is your favorite female racer and why?

My favorite female racer is Erica Enders-Stevens. She has overcome many obstacles to get where she is today, winning two back-to-back championships, and never giving up on her dreams or her team. She has shown the world that a woman can achieve what a man can in drag racing.

Is there anyone that you would like to thank for helping you get started into drag racing?

I would like to thank my dear husband Scott for getting me and our family started in drag racing. He has been an inspiration, and along with his support and education I hope to continue for many years! He has even started EFR, known as Embley Family Racing, since my stepson Jordan also races and my 10-year old daughter, Jaina, is crew chief until she is old enough to run Junior Street Class.

Also a special thank you to Craig Neill for giving me the opportunity to run his race car this year. He and his wife Caroline have become part of our close race family. He has provided the safest, most beautiful Nova that I could ever ask for!

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