Car - 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle

Nickname - Sally

Paint - Custom tinted GM Quasar Blue

Engine - 565 C.I.

Transmission - TH 400

Rear - Moser 9 inch with 3.89 gears and 35 spline axles

Tires - Hoosiers Front 28x4 Rear 30x10 radial

Weight - 3560lbs

Best Pass To Date - 9.01 @148.90 mph

Years Owned - 25 years

In my opinion there is not a more deserving car or car owner to be our Featured  Ca...

There is something about a garage. It’s a place where gearheads gather and bond like cavemen around a fire. It’s a place where hard earned dollars are spent fixing or improving a prized possession. It’s a place where ideas and ingenuity come together. It’s a place where fingers get dirty and knuckles get bloody. It’s a place where a fortune of tools are stored just waiting...

When it comes to automotive repair there seems to be two areas that frighten most do-it-yourselfers: electronic wiring and transmissions. Both are attempted but usually fall short of a job well done, often sacrificing the safety of the driver.


I recently had the pleasure of completely rewiring a newly purchased drag racing toy for myself. It was a miracle the car...

I recently did a complete make-over of my ignition system on "Big Red," my Pro-Street Camaro. I used all MSD components and started with a billet distributer. I topped the distributer with an MSD crab style cap and rotor. An MSD HVC Blaster coil sends the power through the MSD 8.5 mm helically wound Super Conductor wires. Controlling all of this is our featured part of the...

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